Fractured Souls

Too many bandits, too little hp

Looks like we all almost die... again

Ok, this post should have been sooner. I don’t remember the details well, but let me sum it up quickly.

After resting, the party searched for, and found the bandit camp. Crafting an elaborate plan of attack, the party tries to sneak into the camp and let out the prisoners. It sort of works, with a few dozen men and women being freed, but the party is badly injured and makes a break for it, using freed prisoners as a meat shield.

The party returns to Haven, only to find it totally burned to the ground. After not being sure what to do next, the party decides to head back to Maynor to get their barrings – only they get ambushed at the same spot from before. The party barely, just barely, survives, and while one person goes out to get supplies, the rest seek a respite in the wilderness (and almost run out of food). The scout returns from Maynor with supplies, and the party heads for Solace.

Walking, more like stumbling, the party comes into Solace, a town built in the huge Valenwood Trees. They head up into the first in they find, and take a month to rest, heal their broken bones, and figure out what to do, now that the trail has gone cold.



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