Bairr Fhionn

Half-elf Ranger with a love of archery (and fire)

Level 1 Race 1/2 Elf Class Ranger
Height 5’4" Weight 125 lb Handed Left
HP 9 AC 8 XP 715

13 Strength
13 Dexterity
15 Constitution
11 Intelligence
14 Willpower
10 Charisma
12 Perception

Weapon Prof. Slots Non-weapon Prof. Check
Bow 1 Tracking 12 + Lvl/3
Dagger 1 Survival (forest) 11
Long Sword 1 Bower/Fletcher 13
Short Sword 1 Fire Building 12
Singing 10

Languages: Common, Elven


As a child, Bairr learned the ways of the wild from his parents. His mother, a Human named Cali, stumbled into the village one rainy night, malnourished and barely conscious, having fled the nearby city where she was accused of murder. Connor, an Elf, encountered her on his way back to his family’s village and took pity. As her health recovered, she revealed that for nine years after her parents had died of plague when she was eight, she had lived on the streets begging and sometimes picking pockets to survive. The son of one of the local barons was found dead in an alley nearby where she regularly slept, and she was arrested for questioning. She managed to escape in the darkness, but had to flee for her freedom.

Connor invited Cali to stay with him as she wished, and soon Cali gave birth to their only child, Bairr. On their many hunting trips, Bairr grew strong and skilled in his father’s family’s skills in archery. Combined with his mother’s survival skills in the use of daggers, he became a natural woodsman.

Since his earliest memories, Bairr had been fascinated with fire, especially the campfires his father would build on their many journeys through the wilderness. He would sit and stare at the dancing flames for hours on end, while his father cleaned that day’s catch and his mother practiced playing the lute. Bairr feels that he can sense the inner essence of the fire, and tries to cultivate that magic in himself; he never goes out of the house without his flint, and dreams one day of learning the secret methods of conjuring the flames from nowhere.

One day, when Bairr was 15 years old, his mother Cali fell ill with the same disease that had afflicted her parents. Connor went into the forest to collect medicines that would ease her fever and hopefully allow her to recover. Unfortunately he did not return, and a search party discovered that he had been laid upon by a greusome Ogre and had obviously been outmatched. Cali died three days later, and Bairr and his village mourned the deaths.

Bairr lived alone in the village until he reached the age of eighteen, whereupon he decided that he would seek his fortune in the wide world, silently promising himself to revenge himself upon the fell creature that had robbed him of his family.

Bairr wandered on his on at the beginning of his journey, used to relying on his own devices for food and shelter, comfortable and at ease in the woods and hills. He continued practicing with his bow and could soon reliably hit a target at 50 paces. This skill would change the course of his wanderings, as it happened.

One day he heard shouting off in the distance. Closing stealthily, he spied an injured swordsman begging for the mercy of a Goblin who was advancing on him. Bairr could see an insane rage in the Goblin’s eyes, and, to drive it away, shot an arrow through its shoulder. In immense gratitude, the swordsman offered Bairr food and lodging for the night at the camp of his companions. Bairr, accepting, assisted the injured fighter back to his encampment where his comrades bandaged his wounds and thanked Bairr with food and wine. They exchanged stories over the fire that night, and Bairr and the group, the Buddy Mummers, decided to join forces in order to entertain each other and live independent of the tyrannical Barons.

Bairr stayed with the Buddy Mummers for a few days as the group pranced and sang across the lands of Freya, assisted travelers, protected families, hunted game, traded supplies, and basically had a party. He quickly grew distant from the party, wishing to pursue his own quest of avenging his parents murders, all while preparing his bow skills, his swordplay, and otherwise quitely contemplate the flames at his own campsite.

Bairr Fhionn

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